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Digital Equipment

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Started in 1957 and merged into Compaq 1998 and subsequently HP.

Manufactured a minicomputers ranging from 12 bit PDP-8, 18 bit PDP-1/7/9/15 , 16 bit PDP-11, 32 bit VAX-11 to 36 bit PDP-10 and DECSystem-10 and 20.

In our museum we have a number of different PDP-8 computers ranging from the earliest, which is entirely built using discrete transistors, to the more modern built with TTL circuits with the CPU on one single board. We also have some interesting pieces of which our PDP-9 is one out of a few remaining. Then we have a couple of PDP-11 computers from the mid seventies and a VAX-11/750 machine from the very early eighties.

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