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The PDP-11 was one of the most common mid range computers in the highly successful PDP-11 series of computers. This particular machine has been used at Televerket Nät (Telia Networks nowadays). 

This PDP11/34 came with one RL01 and one RL02 drive. It also has the floating point option installed.

11/34 Örebro
Radiation dose computer

We got an urgent email from the hospital in Örebro. They had a PDP-11/34 computer that had been used for radiation dose computations in the hospital from 1980-1992. It was equipped with dual RL01 drives and a Plessy 8 inch floppy drive. In the backplane there where four memory modules for a total of 128 kWord, a floating pint option was installed as well as a three board set of third party cards for handling external equipment. We also received a very nice Teletype ASR33 with this machine. Many thanks to Leif for this!