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The Norsk Data NORD-10S is a 16 bit minicomputer.It is also has a 80 Mbyte CDC SMD disk drive and a HP tape drive. There is a 32 bit NORD-50 as well to be connected to this using dual port memory. This machine was a donation in the late eighties.

The machine to the left is the NORD-10/S and the machine to the right is the ND-50. A very tiny part of the 14 inch removable pack 80 MByte SMD drive is visible in the right hand lower corner. The top unit is a floppy drive to boot maintenance floppies and used to install the operating system.

As of 2018-08-23 the NORD-50 is not part of the colection any longer. The 32 bit co-processor with serial number 37 has been given away to Göran Axelsson. The hope is that he will have more time and space to make it running again.

Instead the plan is to make disk emulator card that stores data on a SD card instead of magnetic media. The idea is to replace the 1022 bus controller that is present for all DMA devices. Thge logic of the bus controller and the necessary registers are to be implemented in an FPGA. A STM32F407 microprocessor is responsible for shuffling data. Preliminary information.