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Exhibition hall

Some pictures of the exhibtion hall.

Exhibtiton hall

Side with all small computers and terminals. Visible from left is a DEC VT05 terminal, a Luxor ABC80, IBM 6151/115 RT PC, a Cromemco System One, Luxor ABC1600 and almost visible in the corner an Apple II euro plus. On the floor there is DEC Professional 350, an Apple Mac Plus in a nice carrying case (almost portable), IBM 6150 RT PC and slightly visible is a MicroVAX II. To the right there is Teletype ASR33 and a PDP-8. In front of them is a console terminal for Norsk Data computers. On the shelf there is Luxor ABC 802, a DEC VT320 terminal, a SUN SparcStation IPX , an Osborne I and an Intel Devlopment system, Intellec 8.
Exhibition hall

The Norsk Data ND-10/S and a ND-50

Exhibtion hall
From left: a DEC VAX-11/750, a DEC PDP-8/a, a PDP-9. To the right almost not visible is a PDP-11/23-PLUS and a rackmounted MicroVAX II. 

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