We have a number of items that we are considering trading for something interesting

Cromemco Z2H

A Cromemco Z2H system box with backplane, PSU, dual floppy drives.

Q1 corporation Q1 Lite

A Q1 Corporation Q1 Lite computer, with quad floppy drives, Daisy wheel printer, two removable pack drives with controller unit.

8 inch single sided CDC floppy drives

Two CDC / IMI floppy drives. BR8A5D. Single sided. 8 inch.

H9275 Q22 backplane

We have here a lose H9275 Q22-Q22 backplane with built in terminators to go into a BA11-N chassi.

PDP-8 / LINC-8 manuals

Have some extra copies of different PDP-8 and LINC-8 manuals I have no use for.

PDP-8 Paper tape diagnostics

I have sorted all the diagnostics and this is the duplicates. There are multiple copies of the same tape for quite some diagnostics. Same goes for the listings.

PDP11 documentation

VT100 Users's guide, LA120 User's guide, TU56 DECtape Transport maintenance manual, LA30 DECwriter Maintenance manual, RK05 Disk drive maintenance manual, RK05 Disk Drive User's manual, RK11-D, RK11-E moving head disk drive controller manual, DR11-C general device interface manual, 861 power controller user's manual, PC04/PC04 paper tape reader/punch manual.

TI SilentWriter

Two different models. One with cassette storage.

Silent 700

Silent 700 ASR

DECprinter I aka LA180

Dot matrix printer. Three of these.

LA180 DECprinter I

Diablo daisy wheel printer
Decided to keep this

General Electric Terminet 30

GE Terminet 30

Olivetti 300 TTY

Extremly heavy - no picture yet.

C. itoh Terminal

citoh terminal CIT-101e

PDP-8/a chassis H9300

With 10 slot (MOS) backplane, G8016 regulator. No boards. No frontpanels.

PDP-8/a power supply parts.

G8016, G8018 regulator boards. 50Hz transformer assemblies to be use with 8Ax00 and 8Ax20. I.e both the small and big one. 

PDP-15 Core Memory Modules

Five 4kx18 core memory modules for a PDP-15 computer.

Tandberg TDV 2215 Terminal

Including keyboard which is missing one keytop.

Informer 213 IBM / SNA compatible

Since I haven't found a VT100 compatible firmware for this nice little thing it is up for trade!
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Various PC ISA boards