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PDP-11/44 - S/N BT03319

The PDP-11/44 was the last all TTL based PDP-11 computers made by DEC. It makes extensive use of programmable devices to accomplish high performance yet dense packaging. The CPU itself is built on five hex wide cards and includes the console 8085 processor. This machine does not have any switches but instead it has the console processor which give it the most advanced virtual console among the PDP-11 series of machines.


This particular machine has 256 kword of memory and a Emulex SCSI board. Look how nicely the 3.5 inch drives has been mounted in the chassis.

This machine was a donation from a man in Switzerland. Many thanks to him!

serial number

RSTS running

When the machine arrived we removed all boards and ran it with a dummy load on the +5V to verify all the voltages. Everything was OK so I stuffed in the Emulex UC17 SCSI board and grant cards in all the empty slots. Then the SCSI drives and cable was installed and the good old PDP-11/44 happily booted RSTS/E! A disk image of the RSTS/E SCSI disk is here.