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PDP-11/03-L System

This little system had been abandoned by a computer club and was received many years ago. Before that the system had been running in the eighties at Scania in Södertälje. It then ran RT-11 V3B and MU-BASIC V2. Multi user BASIC and then ran a tailor made BASIC application to collect information from specialized Micronic terminals. The original disks has been dumped and are available for download.

For the event Retrogathering 2016 we restored this system to its former glory. This task involved cleaning and a repainting of the chassis. The original RX02 drive was in non-working condition and had been dismantled when we received it. Some parts were missing so to get the system running we were able to get a RX02 in pretty good shape of Ebay at a decent price. The system unit itself contains exactly the same cards as the original config as when the system was built around 1979.
system config

The configuration was a CPU (KD11-HA / KD11-NA) card M7270, a Memory card M8044 (MSV11-D) a quad serial card M8043 (DLV11-J), a RX02 floppy interface (RXV21), M8029 and then in the last slot the M8012 boot card and terminator (BDV11)

All this means that we have a 16 bit (8 bit ALU though) machine running at 2.6MHz with 64 kByte memory (56kbyte can be utilized), 4 serial ports and an interface to a RX02 dual floppy drive. A RX02 floppy can hold 512512 bytes. This minimalistic system could handle four simultaneous BASIC users.

On the back of the unit is the system serial number badge:

Serial number

For the upcoming Retrogathering event we prepared two bootable floppies that boot directly from the BDV11 prompt to RT11. On these floppies are also the game Dungeon on one of the floppies and the other carry the game Adventure. On the last floppy there are also room for a BASIC interpreter and a few short BASIC games.

The current configuration now is top to bottom:  M7270 (KD11-HA) at the top, M8043 (DLV11-J), Viking SCSI, M8029 (RXV21), M8044 (MSV11-D modified) and M8012 (BDV11)

Very similar to what there once were in this machine.