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The ABC1600 was a successor to the ABC80 and ABC800 line of Z80 based computers manufactured by Luxor. This machine was something completely different. It had a UNIX derivative called ABCenix as operating system. The display can be rotated and the resolution is 1024x768. The CPU unit has a Motorola MC68008 processor and one megabyte of memory. The sturdy box made of cast aluminum also contains four  slots for the 4680 bus. The CPU mother board consumes half of the bottom space of the box, the rest is occupied by the graphics card to drive the monitor. The system came with a mouse called R8. If you spell it out in Swedish this would be RÅTTA, or rat...

ABC 1600 System unit

The system unit also have a 13 Mbyte harddisk connected to an internal XEBEC S1410 SASI to MFM disk controller and also a 5 1/4 inch floppy drive.