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Sanyo PHC 3100

Sanyo PHC 3100

The Sanyo PHC 3100 is a TMS 9900 based computer developed by Sanyo. This computer was given to us by one of the founders of Larma Control AB, Hans Bolöv. Thank you very much! 

The interesting is the story that former owner told me. For fifty years he had his own business developing hardware. During the late seventies his company developed a series of rack-mount Eurocard boards based on the TMS9900 processor. During this time they were contacted by Sanyo who were interested in their system. A number of Japanese engineers travelled to Sweden and got full description of the design and then went back to Japan and designed the PHC 3000 computer. He got this machine from Sanyo when the product was ready. However in 1981 IBM released the PC and the rest is history. Sanyo cancelled their product. 

With the machine came 32 floppy disks. 40 tracks, double-sided, FM encoded for a total of 160kbyte per disk.

Disassembly of BOOT PROM

The the two 2716 EPROMs were dumped and a disassembly was performed. This gave an idea of the IO subsystem of the computer. The FDC is at 0xf000, the CRTC is at 0xf400 and display memory at 0xe000.The boot EPROMs are located at 0xf800. Only the lower 1k of each EPROM is used.

Then there are som CRU addresses used at 51, 52, 53, 54 which seem to control the floppy motors. Then just before jumping to the boot code it will set CRU bits at 56h and 75h. What they really do is unknown.