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Tektronix 4051

tektronix 4051
This Tektronix 4051 BASIC computer has been used for simulations and computations for the paper and pulp industry at the consultancy company Celpap AB in Norrköping, Sweden. It was replaced by a NORD-100 minicomputer and then only used as a graphics terminal. From the beginning there were also a single and a double 8 inch floppy unit and a plotter connected via GPIB bus. The donator took care of them in the end of the eighties and it had occasional uses until the mid nineties.

Vector display
The 4051 is a 6800 based BASIC computer that was introduced in 1976. 
4051 Ad

The price was $6995 and the base memory was 8kbyte. Instead of a regular CRT as a display it uses a DVST, Direct View Storage Tube so that the display itself keep the drawn image by a special arrangement of electrode beams inside the tube. DVST was a technology that Tektronix has mastered for very long time in its range of analogue storage oscilloscopes and also made use for in their line of terminals and computers. The slot to the right is a tape drive for DC300 quarter inch tape cartridges. 
ROM packs
As usual with this type of computer it comes with different ROM packs to extend the capabilities of the computer.