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New exhibition hall

Work is to be started on the new exhibition hall. On the second floor there will be an 80 square meter room and also a loft. The loft will not have full height over the full 80 square meters. 

The drawing to the left shows the beams that carry the loft floor.

The intention is that the loft shall be used for documentation and books. There will also be a sitting area at this floor. The new room below will be the big exhibition hall with the items that currently are in storage. For example PDP11/34, the Q1 Corporation computer and the HP21MX computer.

The carpenters will come and start working with this project in December.

The newly installed beams for the loft. Next is the floor construction for the third floor.

In March the painter had finished and we could start move in some items.

From left to right: RK07, DEC AD01 and AA01 used with the PDP-9. Rack with Omnibus expansion box. Rack with expansion memory for PDP-8/L.

DEC LA30 and ASR35

IBM026 card punch, Lorenz teleprinters. Q1 computer with daisy wheel printer and floppy drive.