Professional 350

The Professional series was a DEC attempt to get into the PC business. Professional computers for people with higher requirements. In the series there were the Professional 325 tabletop version and the Professional 350 which was a floor stand unit. These two both used the F11 chips as used in the PDP-11/23. There was a successor, Professional 380 which used the J11 chipset as used in the PDP-11/73. The Professional series runs P/OS a more "polished" version of RSX11-M. But there are also other operating systems like VENIX available for Professional.

Our unit was bought in the mid eighties and I used it myself during studies for editing my reports. It was also expanded to have 640 k memory by replacing the 64 k memory chis on the carrier boards attached to the main board with 256 k chips. 

It has a RD52 33 Mbyte harddrive and a RX50 dual floppy drive

Unfortunately our monitor VR201 is suffering
from a severe case of screen mould which causes strange effects on the display area.

Apparently this has to do with polymer
degradation. There are some kind of glue
which attaches the outer protective glass to
the CRT which after year go back into a 
reddish liquid which seeps out of the monitor
unit. As far as I understand there is no cure for this.