Although we already have a lots of bits and pieces, there are some that still are missing. We really would love to have an older PDP-11 in the collection. A PDP-11/20, PDP-11/40 or PDP-11/45 type of computer. Our collection is also missing early workstations. An early SUN 2 of any type would be very interesting. 

For our VAXstation II/GPX a VR290 or similar DEC manufactured display would be appreciated. 

For our PDP-8/Ls we would need some frontpanel keys. A source for these are appreciated. 

For our HP 9000/340 workstation we would really like a HP 98785A 16 inch color monitor or a HP 98751A 19 inch color monitor.

The PDP-11/44 is missing the rack slides so it is hard to mount in a rack. Those would be very interesting to get hold of.

Since we have an IBM 026 card punch and a Documation M200 reader it would be interesting to a  have PDP-8/E (CR8-E / M843) interface to be able to connect it to our PDP-8/E 

For the HP85 a 5.25" or 8 inch floppy drive would be interesting.

Or if you have any pre 1980 computer.  So if you happen to have something above please get in contact with us.