Although we already have a lots of bits and pieces, there are some that still are missing. We really would love to have an older PDP-11 in the collection. A PDP-11/20, PDP-11/40 or PDP-11/45 type of computer. Our collection is also missing early workstations. An early SUN 2 of any type would be very interesting. 

For our VAXstation II/GPX a VR290 or similar DEC manufactured display would be appreciated. 

For our PDP-8/Ls we would need some frontpanel keys. A source for these are appreciated. 

For our HP 9000/340 workstation we would really like a HP 98785A 16 inch color monitor or a HP 98751A 19 inch color monitor.

The PDP-11/44 is missing the rack slides so it is hard to mount in a rack. Those would be very interesting to get hold of.

Since we have an IBM 026 card punch it would be very interesting to have som kind of card reader to connect to one of our computers. A Documation 200 or similar and interface boards for PDP-11 (CR11) or PDP-8/E (CR8-E) is highly sought after.

For the HP85 a 5.25" or 8 inch floppy drive would be interesting.

Or if you have any pre 1980 computer.  So if you happen to have something above please get in contact with us.